Independent Grant: The RUNX1 FPD/AML Mutation Database

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded a one-year, $90,500 grant to Dr. Anna Brown and Professor Hamish Scott of the Centre for Cancer Biology at the University of South Australia and SA Pathology for this very purpose, in their creation of an ‘FPD/AML RUNX1 Mutation Database’.  Dr. Brown and Dr. Scott will present an update on the database at our November scientific meeting.  Following is a description of the project:

Dr. Anna Brown and Prof. Hamish Scott

Dr. Anna Brown and Prof. Hamish Scott, Centre for Cancer Biology at the University of South Australia and SA Pathology, ‘FPD/AML RUNX1 Mutation Database’.

Recent advances in genetic sequencing technology applied by many FPD/AML research groups around the world have highlighted their value in understanding the somatic genetic changes that are associated with the development of malignancies in germline RUNX1 mutation carriers.  Collectively, this information can lead to powerful insights that are essential in order to apply precision-medicine based diagnosis, risk assessment, monitoring, and therapeutic intervention.  Dr. Brown, Prof. Scott and the team at the Centre for Cancer Biology in Adelaide are leading a project to generate a data-sharing platform for investigators to contribute germline and somatic genomic sequence data from germline RUNX1-mutated individuals.  The aim is to use genomics analysis software developed at the Centre for Cancer Biology to create a custom-designed web portal for RUNX1 genomics data.  This will allow investigators from around the world to deposit data in a central location where it can be viewed and queried as a single cohort.  Generating a RUNX1 world genomics cohort through data aggregation will allow significant genetic and biological questions to be asked and answered, providing a resource that will continue to grow with ongoing sequencing efforts.  

Dr. Brown and Prof. Scott are currently contacting investigators who have published datasets, and if you are a researcher with questions or have data you wish to contribute to the project, please contact Dr. Brown directly referencing ‘RUNX1 Research’ at [email protected]